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Dying well — with courage and growth
An article by R. W. Dellinger
The Tidings, May 1, 2015


5 Questions for Ira Byock
An article by Sam Mowe
Spirituality and Health Magazine, Apr 12, 2015


Palliative care expert is a vocal opponent of Death With Dignity law
Los Angeles Times, Apr 6, 2015


The Best Care Possible
An interview with Dr. Byock by Brad Prescott, senior editor, Apr 11, 2013


Safe Passage: Improving End-of-Life Care
An article by Joni Rodgers
A leading doctor has devoted his life to helping the terminally ill – and their families – face their mortality with honesty, dignity and compassion…
Prevention Magazine – Apr, 2012


Finding a better way to die
Boston Globe, Mar 26, 2012


Palliative Care Doctor, Ira Byock, on End of Life Care
An interview with Dr. Byock by  Lynne Warren
Ira Byock, a palliative care physician, says it’s time to change end-of-life care… “Medicare must stop requiring people who are on the brink of death to give up access to potentially life-extending treatments as the price of access to the comprehensive care for their quality of life that hospice programs can provide…”
AARP Bulletin, Mar 22, 2012


Dying by Degrees
Ira Byock has been writing books about the way Americans die since 1998, when he published “Dying Well.” For most of that time, he has been appalled. He still is. Dr. Byock, director of palliative medicine at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH, pulls no punches in his new book…
New York  Times, The Caregivers’s Bookshelf, Mar, 20, 2012


Doctor says advances prolong life, make dying harder
An article by Sally Mauk
The Missoulian, Mar 16, 2013 


The cost of dying
At the Atlantic, palliative care physician Ira Byock makes the case for a shared-decision making approach to end-of-life care…
Washington Post, Mar 7, 2012


‘Best Care’ may be dying well
Ira Byock says he wants “to raise people’s expectations” about the end of life and to to change the conversation about dying in America about dying…
USA Today, Mar 7, 2012


Life Force! Dr. Ira Byock is changing the way people die by changing the way they live.

An article by Stephen Kiernan,

The Boston Globe, Jan 14, 2007


The Assisted-Suicide Debate

An interview with Ira Byock by Steve Gordon

Valley News, Feb 4, 2005



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